rv wrap for vistaprint created by allstar coaches RV wraps always turn heads and get noticed wherever they go.  Go boldly where other successful companies have gone before.  Do you want your business’s brand message to pop?  Of course you do.  That’s why so many of our corporate clients have chosen to promote their company or or product by wrapping an RV rental with their unique messages.   After all, what could be more eye catching and memorable than a 45 foot long, traveling billboard cruising down Main Street, America?   

RV rental wraps are an extremely effective and fun way illuminate your image and get your brand noticed.  Corporate RV rentals with custom RV wraps are one of the most exciting ways to create that memorable first impression.  Talk about getting your message across loud and clear!

Mobile RV promotions and corporate RV rentals create exciting and effective marketing opportunities that let corporations interact directly with their consumers.  Using the branding power and mobility of wrapped motorhomes, businesses can literally roll up on the front lines of their core demographic, visiting as many markets as they wish on a single tour.  For added impact and additional reach, companies integrate social media to create even more buzz, by encouraging fans to interact and follow their tours online.  

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Allstar Coaches has been offering RV and bus wraps to our corporate clientele for more than a decade.  Our creative staff has the knowledge and experience to create the most successful RV promotions.

We have worked with some of the largest brands in the world. Companies such as Disney, HBO, ABC, NBC, Xfinity, Simon & Schuster, DreamWorks Studios, Ford, Toyota, Volvo, Visa/MasterCard, Discover, American Cancer Society, Make-A-Wish, Red Cross, Nike, Intel, AT&T, T-Mobile, Chase, Capital One, Citibank, NFL, MLB, Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, Coca Cola, Corona, Coors, and Bacardi are just a few of the many high profile organization who have relied on our expertise for their promotions.


Creating Your Custom RV Wrap

From concept to completion, our expert corporate RV rentals team and creative staff will assist in all of the planning and logistics of your custom campaign.  Starting with the basics of helping with design to creating custom templates and installing your custom design on your RV rental, our team can arrange branded merchandise, itinerary and route planning, and setup customer interactions and tailgates while you’re on the road.  We can even provide professional drivers for RV transport and setup, so you’ll have more time to concentrate on what is really important – maximizing all of that exposure! 


visit a college to target students so they begin establishing credit.  Or a beverage company might visit a sporting event to introduce a new thirst quencher and giveaway samples and promotional merchandise.  It’s the ideal way to target a specific demographic – and do it in style.


RV wraps have limitless possibilities.   Here are just a few:


  • Branding
  • New product releases and demonstrations
  • Giveaways
  • Political Campaigns
  • TV/Movie Releases
  • Promotional tours
  • Large giveaways
  • Visiting industry expos and conventions
  • Broad exposure or targeting specific demographics
  • Interactive Social Media Tours



RV Wraps Custom Designed From Concept to Completion

The most exceptional and economic way to promote your brand or business is an RV wrap, especially if interaction with constituents and a core audience is a top priority. When working with Allstar Coaches, you can expect a highly conceptualized design for your motorhome — one that will cater to you and the target demographic. Nothing beats mobile publicity.

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Whether you need to drive your point across straight to your demographic or are taking a cross-country trek from Florida to California to publicize a movie or political campaign, let our RV wraps help spread your message. Work with our graphic department and staff to build the perfect mobile billboard.

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Creating impactful motorhome graphics is one thing; helping plan each and every mile on a trip is a whole other beast. With our event planners on hand, scheduling doesn’t need to be a tough task. We are here to help with the logistics of any trip, and that includes route planning, itinerary setting, and food catering. When every dollar, mile, and shrimp kebab needs to be accounted for, put your trust in the best: us.

Buy the Best RV Wraps

Don’t own an RV? No problem. That’s where our promotional RV rentals come in. Allstar Coaches is proud to offer customers the option to rent a luxury RV and wrap it for any special occasion or event. We have frequent specials on rentals in combination with personalized RV graphics. Personalize the motorhome’s look as you see fit, and save money on purchasing an RV for that one-time situation, such as a weekend festival or sporting event.

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At Allstar Coaches, we don’t overlook the tiny details, and that sets us apart from the rest. We work diligently for every customer, no matter the cause, and you can expect only the finest from us. In addition to excellent motorhome decals and graphics, we also offer RV maintenance, an RV Rental Fleet Program, RV sales, and other specialty services and resources. Call us at 866-838-4465 to discuss your RV wrap needs, or to reserve a luxury RV rental for a vacation anywhere in the country, including PA, FL, and CA.