Payment Processing

Getting paid is arguably the most exciting part of the job, but collecting fees can be kind of a drag. Make transactions simple with Guesty’s online payment processor.

Smooth transactions

Our online payment gateway is linked to your Guesty dashboard, allowing you to easily and reliably collect accommodation charges, along with all other reservation-related fees. All charges are accumulated under the guest’s reservation and can be securely debited whenever you choose.

Once payments are made, easily track transactions and send receipts to guests within moments.


Through our Auto-Payments feature, you can delegate all payment activity to us. We’ll charge your guests according to your specified policies and collect each payment at the stage of your choice.

Easily accessible payment information

When you collect fees through Guesty’s payment processing feature, all payment-related information is automatically added to the data on your dashboard.

Securely store customers’ details on file so you can easily and instantly charge repeat guests and skip the hassle altogether.

Simple upselling

Our payment processor allows you to open a running tab for your guests so you can offer them concierge goods or services that they can enjoy now and pay for later.

FAQs about our Payment Processing tool

  • How do Auto Payments work?

    Guesty is all about automating your property management tasks, including payment processing. Our Auto Payments feature allows you to automate the collection of vacation rental payments from your guests. You can create distinct rules for each listing that specify when payments should be processed and what percentage of the total payout to collect at each point. 

    For example, you can opt for 100% of the fee to be processed upon booking confirmation or 50% to be processed upon confirmation and the rest to be processed upon check in. 

  • Can payments be refunded through Guesty’s payment processor?

    Yes. Our short-term rental payment processing software is capable of both collecting and refunding payments. The refund procedure is simple and straightforward. You must simply select the relevant listing and choose the amount you wish to refund. 

  • Can you collect payments manually through the Guesty dashboard?

    Users can manually input credit card information Guesty’s vacation rental payment processing system and can opt to either charge the card on the spot or schedule future transactions. 

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